We build change

We’re building allies, we’re building opportunities, we’re building change.

As developers, we strongly believe we have the responsibility to build social and equitable change in the communities we operate in, and call home. Therefore, our work is deeply rooted in and influenced by solutions that address today’s most pressing socio-economic challenges. From affordable housing to disability inclusion, Building Change is what inspires Terrabona to break the status quo, foster new partnerships, and develop communities in service of social equity, not financial gain.

Real Solution with Real Social Impact

40 % of Terrabona projects are dedicated to our most vulnerable population and low-income families.


Purpose-built projects situated within 500 metres of a Major Transit Station, close to all Provincial and Municipal infrastructure and amenities.


Working closely with local communities and all levels of government to address concerns, and promote open discussion about the positive impact on communities.


New financial models;
New Construction & Energy-Efficient Models;
Environmentally Sustainable

We build communities

For Terrabona, affordable housing is about equity and inclusion.

As Canadians, we all deserve to live and raise families in communities that service our basic needs. Therefore, building affordable housing in and around the areas primed for investment is critical in our societal efforts to build truly inclusive and equitable communities regardless of who you are, where you come from, or how much money you make. Having shelter & housing is a fundamental right – whether you own or rent – at Terrabona we want to preserve that human rights.

Coming soon!

10811-10819 Jane St, Vaughan, ON ( 12 Storey Mixed Use Residential Proposed )

  • 204 units, more than 200,000 sq.ft. of GFA
  • Over 3600 sq.ft. of Childcare facility
  • More than 15,000 sq.ft. of indoor amenity space for community involvement
  • OPA/ZBA Application submitted January 2022
Coming soon!

7115 Yonge Street, Markham, ON ( 30 Storey State of art Mixed Use Residential Proposed )

  • 350 Units with more than 349,000 sq.ft. of GFA
  • Childcare facility 
  • OPA/ZBA Application submitted January 2022 
Coming soon!

132 Brock Street, Whitby, ON ( 19 Storey State of art Mixed Use Residential Proposed )

  • 350 Units with more than 380,000 sq.ft. of GFA
  • Childcare facility
  • Employment Conversion Application submitted August 2021
Coming soon!

4800 Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough, ON ( Mixed Use Retail, Rental; Office Proposed )

  • 5 towers ranging from 18-35 storeys
  • Master planned community  
  • 1400 Units with more than 1,300,000 sq.ft. of GFA
  • Childcare facility

TERRABONA only partners with top-rated contractors and organizations

We create new opportunities

Fostering an affordable, inclusive & thriving environment for tenants and surrounding communities.

We strive to work in partnership with communities to ensure that our developments are consistently rooted in collaboration and engagement. From our partnerships with nonprofit entities like Safehaven, to providing affordable solutions to persons of all income levels and abilities, Terrabona properties foster an inclusive environment that provides Canadians from all walks of life the ability to put down roots. Everyone deserves a space where they can thrive.

A supportive home for the most vulnerable

We provide a positive environment that offers carefully crafted living facilities that support, encourage and enhance the lives of our most vulnerable and affected residents. 

Experience community-driven affordable living

We cater to persons of all income levels and abilities. Fostering an inclusive environment, our properties will also feature community services like child care, community shared space, adult-day programming, and health care practices. 

A place for new Canadians to put down roots

Make a home with us and experience everything that the GTA has to offer. From diverse neighborhoods to access to major transit services and community assistance, Terrabona is your new home.

Our partners

If left unresolved, the magnitude of Canada’s housing crisis will leave many young people and families without an affordable place to live and call home. A bold and aggressive approach is needed now more than ever.

Therefore, I believe in a real solution with real social impact. It begins with using profits to expand affordable housing, a radical shift from using affordable housing to expand profits. This approach centers our mission to supply purpose-built rental housing throughout the province. These efforts also champion vulnerable people from low-income areas because affordable housing must also be inclusive housing – our communities are stronger when they are diverse, integrated and connected to a larger network of social and recreational services.


We carefully curate our investment partners to ensure they are as passionate about building change as we are. Our financial model of integrating a range of income levels in each project enables investors to achieve an attractive return on investment while also contributing to important social outcomes